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Regional Exit Program for Prostitutes

Do you work as a prostitute but want to quit? Or do you want to talk to someone about certain problems you have in your work? We can help.

Quitting prostitution

The exit program for prostitutes in the Zeeland, West en Midden Brabant region offers prostitutes help and support to quit prostitution. To take part in the exit program it doesn’t matter whether you work as a prostitute by your own choice or if you were forced into prostitution. Anyone can come to us for help, whether you work in a sex club, via the internet or some other way. It doesn’t matter if you have a verblijfsvergunning (residence permit) or not, or if you are a woman/man/transgender or are addicted to drugs – everyone is welcome. The only thing that matters is that you want to quit prostitution.

Social work

Don’t want to quit prostitution but still need help? Then you can contact Prostitutie Maatschappelijk Werk.